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About Us.

SHARE: is a Blog site Started as a hobby in June 2012! I was always working on CSS, HTML, XML and playing with Templates & Gadgets. I started blogging on and posted content on css design  After a few month i saw that MY BLOGGER TRICK getting popular and growing readership then I decided to focus on adding more content on blogger templates and widgets and started giving tutorials to beginners who are new to blogger, Like Editing Template, Gadget coding,  SEO Optimization, Article writing, Making Money Online and lot of things, and still now we are providing quality content post to new bloggers.

About Author
MMK The Rocker

MMK The Rocker is a Name to Fame..! 
Actually My Name is Mohammed Mujahid Khan, I Just Changed my full name as in short as MMK. after completing my level 2 Exams in summer holiday's I was started blogging from 2012 and teaching hundred's of peoples who loves blogging! I am Running a number of sites from my Computer. I am a Computer Engineer, Professional Blogger, SEO Optimizer  & an Web Designer.

Why MMK The Rocker ?
Why Should i Call myself MMK The Rocker..???
MMK The Rocker is a Name to Fame!
Here is a definition:
M : Mohammed
M : Mujahid
K : Khan

T : The
H : Hunk of
E : Ebullient 
R : Radiant
O : of
C : Creative
K : Kin
E : Effective
R : Rules

Golden Words

"Khudi ko kar buland itna, ke har takdeer se pehlay
Khuda bande se khud puche, bata teri raza kya hai. "

"Increase your selflessness to such heights that before creating each destiny, God himself would have to ask the human 'What is your wish?"

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MMK The Rocker


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