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Increase Traffic - Optimize Blog Post Titles Using H2 Tag - Replace H3 Tag

Headline tags start from H1 and go up to H6 in decreasing order of size. They play immense importance in your blog template optimization. Just as I earlier explained that a search engine robot reads your content just the way a human reads it. Headlines, bolded and highlighted texts draw attention. By default all blogger templates are designed such that the H1 tag is given to Homepage Main Title, H2 is given to Blog Description or Header dates, sidebar headers and H3 is assigned for post titles.

SEO Tricks and Tips for Google SERPS

Before starting this I would like to mention the aim of Google in providing search results to people – the aim is ” SEARCH SHOULD END ” . The meaning of this phrase is that when a person searches for some information and if he is still not satisfied even after visiting first 20 pages or searching with many different combination of searches, then that will result in the failure of Google. So for this google introduced an algorithmic change in its search which is called ” GOOGLE PANDA” .

8 Tips To Build Successful Blog / Website!


1. Content (Useful, informative, free, and easy to understand)

If you offer well written, original, easy to understand information, spiced up with good imagery, the chances of getting quality links, social media exposure and high spots in SERPs are bigger. The whole point of the Internet is finding useful, relevant, free information. Everything is about information.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blogs From Facebook?

This is a Guest Post by Rafay baloch. Follow him on Facebook @Hacking and Cracking

DRIVE-TRAFFIC-FACEBOOKAs we know that facebook has became the most widely used social networking site these days,its Alexa rank is 2,which means the second most popular website on web after Google,Hence bloggers are using it to drive a lot of traffic,but some of bloggers even after

Beautiful Slidebox with css style!

After a hardwork I created a slidebox which slides images right to left and left to right when mouse hover on the images like a gate opening. This is a awesome Beautiful Slidebox for blogger or website. This slidebox designed with css only, most of peoples are using java or jquery scripts for the slide but this scripts will slow down your blog which results site is slow to open,

How to Show or Hide Widgets in Blogger

Some questions that are most asked are : How to Show blogger widget on homepage only? How can I show widgets only on sub pages? How can I hide widgets on Static pages? How to show widgets on selected pages in blogger? To answer all these questions today's tutorial will be a delicious one. Its really important to control widget Display in Blogger. some widgets are meant for homepage only while some makes sense when you show it at your Contact Pages, About Me pages or static pages.

Make 10 Changes to Your AdWords Search Campaign that will Boost Your CTR

google adwords
Have the text ads in your AdWords campaigns got to a point where they need a click-through rate (CTR) boost without you making any immediate changes to your CPC bids? You know that increasing your text ads Click Through Rate (CTR) would not only lead to increased traffic, but would ultimately result in improved Quality Scores and a higher Ad Rank.