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Attractive Read More Button Images For Blogger|Blogspot blogs –Arrow Head


Thankfully I am again proud to present another unique blogger resource entitled Arrow Head Read More Image Buttons which are barely available in the blogosphere. I have created a set of 12 Images each of different colour and taste. Get rid of that Read More Link text and
replace it with a cool MBT Read More Image button.
First have a look at them in the screen display below,

Blogger Arrow Head Read More Button Images
Read More button Images for blogger/blogspot blogs
Downloads: 1323
To replace you Read More Link with one of these button images then do the following,
1. Go to Layout > Edit HTML
2. Back up your template
3. Press Ctrl + F , and in the search box write the read more text. You know it better whether to search for Read More or Continue Reading. Depends what text are you using.
Once you find the read more text in your blogger template then replace the text with the code below,
<img width="120px" height="32px"   src="URL Of Your Read More Button Image"/>
Replace the bolded text in blue with the image link of the read more button. To know how to get Image URLs , read this post –> Create Image Backup In Blogger & Get Image URLs
You can also resize the image. The default size is 120px by 32px. If you want a smaller one than you can use these proportions:
width=”100px” height=”27px”
width=”80px”  height=”21px”

I hope you like this new set of images. I will publish a new set tomorrow.


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  1. Hi,
    thanks for the information, but i could not find "read more" text in my blog coding.
    can you help?


    1. just goto > Design> page elements> blog edit> 1 one page break change it to Read More and save it

  2. very informative articular, Thanks for sharing this