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Understand Ethical SEO – Avoid Black Hat Technique


SEO is a vast industry with many facets and areas. Of late, Google has been keeping a strict watch on websites to ensure that they reach the top rank only by fair methods and hard work. And, while most webmasters work ethically within these guidelines to increase their rankings, visibility and become successful, there are many others who prefer to take a shortcut to the top.
These people resort to Black Hat SEO techniques, giving the industry a bad name. Given below are some Black Hat SEO techniques that you must stay clear of -

  1. Hacking Software

    One of the most common Black Hat SEO techniques is hacking software. These hackers, with amazing coding skills, get at the top of search engines by writing software that can be published to websites and blogs without the knowledge of the editor. They take advantage of the holes in the software security of the blog and get backlinks to their own sites.For those webmasters, without any background in coding, this is a serious problem. They have no idea about how they can delete these posts or plug security holes of their website to prevent hacks in future. The serious implication of the hacking is that these genuine websites would have lost ‘link juice’.
  2. Google Bowling

    Another technique is ‘Google Bowling’ where the people work to damage another website by flooding them with inbound links. This results in a penalty and the genuine websites lose their ranking. Earlier, Google Bowling would not have worked easily as bad links were ignored during rankings but the recent algorithm changes have banned the use of un-natural links or bad links.
  3. Spam Links

    While un-natural links ensures the fall of the website, people spamming Google with unnatural and inbound links are ignored. These Black Hat strategies, while not hurting other sites directly, ensure that the genuine sites do not get the ranks they deserve. Using spammy links to reach the top has become an industry in itself and is destroying businesses. They are supplanting websites who have worked hard for their ranks.
  4. Forum or Comment Spam

    Although it is not possible to monitor every comment on your website or on a forum, this is also a way to acquire numerous links. All it needs is a click and you can acquire blog links. This doesn’t lead you to believe that all comments are spammy but just keep a watch and upgrade the security. One of the best ways to get established in the blogging community is to write constructive comments. Commenting on a high traffic blog with do follow attributes can get you more visibility.
SEO is about being innovative and finding new ways of building links and attracting traffic. But in your desire to get more traffic, make sure that you are not resorting to any Black Hat techniques. They may work for a while but you will be caught sooner or later. Remember that Google is watching you. Click here for more info on using the white hat techniques for better rankings.


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  1. All balckhat techniques is coming to an end because after the last update that Google made, black hat techniques are not like before and eventually will come to an end after few updates. Although hackers will focus on damaging other websites but it will be safe from Google's side.
    Thank You,
    Marc A. Donald
    Smart Touch

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