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How To Get More Traffic from Google Image Search?


Search engines have a great impact on creating huge traffic on your personal or professional blog site. You will never be able successful if Search engines like Google Bing Yahoo do not show your website at their platform. So we follow a variety of techniques to display our websites in search engines.
We search images from Google and find new sites from Google image search. Its a very cool tip to get visitors from Google image search.

1. Using ALT image tag

Suppose you upload a image to Picasa of blogger you will get a image HTML code just like this

<img src="" />

Now you have to add alt tag.Just take a look below of red colored text

<img src="" alt="Your images description"/>

I think you already get how to add alt tag in images.So your images can be seen in search engines

2. Adding A Small Javascript Code

Go to Blogger > Design > Edit Html
Now tick on the Expand Widget Template and search for the following code using CTRL+F


Now Paste the following code just before it

<script language='Javascript'>if(parent.location != self.location){parent.location=self.location;}</script>

Save your template. Now your Blogger template is more SEO friendly.


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