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How To Remove the virus Which Makes Folders Hidden


Have Got a New Trick For Computer
Some of us Found a Virus problem in Which, In the XP u could not change the setting from "Do Not Show Hidden Folders" to "Show Hidden Folders"
When u change to "Do Not Show Hidden Folders" to "Show Hidden Folders" is Again turns into "Do Not Show"
So Friend! Here is the Solution.....
Follow the steps Baby!!!!

1. Go To... Start> Run
2. Enter "regedit"
3. In The Registry editor Follow The Steps

hkey_local_machine>software>microsoft windows>currentversion>explorer>advanced>folder>hidden>showall

4. Now go to right side registry list checkedvalue double click 4 edit
5. chage vale data 1 close registry editor

Now you can see your folder in normal.....

!! Thank You !!
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