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Blogger's Custom Domain Setup Process Simplified


Its a new update by Blogger on its custom domain part. Some time ago here on MBT, you read 10+ Reasons Why you should buy a Custom Domain For Blogger. Having a custom domain have many advantages and would best suite you if you are serious about your blogging career and take it just not as a hobby but as a business.
And for that you should be knowing What is Custom Blogger Domain and Blogger Subdomain? 
if you are interested in getting a domain through Blogger its self. To briefly explain, you can convert your blogspot domain name to a custom one like ( through Blogger, which is linked with Godady hosting service (which also provides domains). Though you can always use your own domain name that you have bought from any other domain registrar. So whats this post about? Before this new update came out, people (beginners) had problems in shifting over to custom domains besides dozen of tutorials online. Thats natural as its always tricky for the first time. CName and AName records often confused people. Many had problems in settings out DNS settings for their domains.

So now, Godady (which is linked with Google Blogger, as i mentioned before) has launched a new tool by which GoDady users (who bought domain directly from Blogger) would be able to set DNS settings with a single click of a button. The entire process is really simplified.

GoDaddy Domain Setting Tool Overview

If you don't already have bought a domain from Godaddy then I really recommend that you get a dot com domain from Godaddy for your blogger blog for just $7.49 per year far cheaper than $10 by Blogger. Once you have bought a domain through GoDady then go to your account domain settings tool and type in your domain name (like or into the box like shown below.

Thats it. All of your DNS settings for domain would be up and running. Wait approximately 30 minutes and then type in your same domain name into Blogger Domain settings i.e Settings >> Publishing.


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