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Blogger Dynamic Templates Now Customizable


blogger dynamic template
Previously you guys read, "Should you enable Blogger Dynamic Views" The Dynamic templates are new templates designs, that were made available to apply to Blogger blogs, recently. As oppose to normal templates (the default ones), these dynamic templates are quite advance aesthetically, but lacked quite a few features, that we are used to.
 Many users felt that the templates were not customizable at all. As the new dynamic templates were a new feature that was introduced, it had a long way to go to meet user expectations. Blogger blogs are quite famous for their ability to be customized, by the feature, Edit HTML
Many people believed that the new dynamic templates lacked that too. So recently, Blogger announced a couple of good news for Blogger fans. Though we still don't have the Edit HTML option available with us, for the Dynamic templates but still, we can at least say they are customizable to some extent, after the addition of few more fruits from Developers at Blogger.

Now you can change the colors and stuff for the templates. The background image can also be replaced. Blogger dev team says that they would soon introduce the widgets part to the dynamic templates, that we presently miss a lot. Also by navigating to the Template section (from Blogger in draft version), we get to see an disabled 'Edit HTML' option. We hope that gets live soon too.

Blogger team says :

Using the Template Designer, you can now modify your background, fonts, or colors, and add a custom header image like we did on Blogger Buzz (just make sure it’s 65 pixels high). If you don’t fancy yourself a web designer, simply choose from one of the “suggested themes” that we provide.

So in an all, folks at Blogger are working hard to provide all those benefits, that we enjoy with custom templates for Blogger.

Will you switch to the Dynamic suites if Blogger introduces Widgets and Edit HTML feature? Lets us know through the comment section below.


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