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Windows 8 – Themes, Transformation Pack, Download


Windows81 300x188 Windows 8   Themes, Transformation Pack, Release Date and Download

The most awaited OS – Windows 8

Microsoft has long been the leader in the OS market. Windows Operating System has been a major hit since it was first introduced in the early 1990s. Since then, Microsoft has not looked back. After the success of the Windows 7 Operating System, Microsoft is trying to revolutionize
the OS market by the next variant of Windows OS – Windows 8. Although, off late, there have been widespread speculations about this much anticipated OS, it was only at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011, held at Las Vegas, that Microsoft develops announced that a new operating system is on the cards, and will be unveiled soon.

Windows 8 Technology

In this modern era of cell phones, tablet PCs, cloud computing and gaming, Windows 8 is going to be a giant leap in the technological world. That is why the developers at Microsoft have left no stone unturned in putting all the best ingredients of its famed products in the new OS. The new OS, will therefore be, the communion of world classservices and quality performance, streamlined into a computing experience of a new level. Speculation of the new OS being a mixture of Windows 7, Microsoft Office, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone 7, with a tinge of modern Kinect-like features of navigation is doing the rounds.
Windows 8 19851 300x225 Windows 8   Themes, Transformation Pack, Release Date and Download

Windows 8 Features

Windows 8 will have the state of the art facilities and features that will provide it with an edge over its adversaries and competitors. These include:
  • 128-Bit Support – All these while, 64 bit operating systems were available. But Windows 8 is going to be the game changer, with a 128-Bit support, thus facilitating high-end functionality.
  • 3D Support – 3D has been a fascination over a couple of years. 3D viewing technology has actually added a whole new dimension. No wonder, the new Windows OS will also include 3D support.
  • App Store – The strength of the App Store decides the fate of an OS. Same rule applies for Windows. That is why Windows 8 developers have been wise to start development of an App Store, specifically for the new OS.
  • ARM Support – Tablet support forms an essential part of any OS. With Windows 8, Microsoft will initiate its operation in the market of tablet PCs and smart phones, bringing it in direct competition with the present leaders in that field.
  • Facial Recognition – Facial recognition technology has been there for a long time. But it has hardly been implemented. With Windows 8, facial recognition technology will reach a new height. Access control and profile switching will now be possible with the help of your face now.
  • Multiple Desktops – Windows users have always complaint about the unavailability of multiple desktops. But Windows 8 will now have this feature integrated.
  • Radical New UI – Concrete news about a new UI has not been confirmed, but if insider’s news is to be trusted, Windows 8 will boast a complete new user interface unlike any other previous Windows interface. It will be more user friendly, and will offer far more customizability.

Windows 8 Themes

Before actually releasing the OS Windows 8, developers have already released a plethora of Windows 8 themes to be applied on the previous versions to give your PC the Windows 8 feel. Although this only creates an illusion of Windows 8 in your PC with very limited features, it has gained a lot of fans who are eagerly waiting for the latest OS release of Windows. Some details of some of these available Windows 8 themes are as follows:
  • Dark Shell Theme for Windows 7
Download it from this link.
  • M3 Theme for Windows 7
Download it from this link.
  • Midori Theme for Windows 7
Download it from this link.
  • Theme by Studio48 for Windows XP Pro
Download it from this link.
  • Windows 8 Professional Theme for Windows Vista
Download it from this link.
  • Windows 8 Ultimate 7282 RC Theme for Windows Vista SP1x86
Download it from this link.
  • Superbar Theme
Download the theme from this link.
The above mentioned themes can change your logon screen, shell, wallpapers, screensavers, tray icons, etc.

Windows 8 Transformation Pack

While the release preparation for Windows 8 is building up, someone called hameddanger has released a Windows 8 transformation pack for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. So, if themes aren’t enough, this transformation pack might appease you for now. You can enjoy the visual aspect of Windows 8 and together with the perfect performance and stability of Windows 7. The skin pack contains Aero Lite, Aura Beta 2 and Windows 8 Aero Theme.

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack

Windows 8 Release

The official Windows 8 release date has not yet been confirmed by Microsoft Corporations, but market analysts suggest that the new OS will be released in the latter half of 2012. Although Windows 8 transformation packs have started dominating the market, the craze and euphoria surrounding the new horse from the Windows stable is quite high. A demo (or beta) version is expected anytime around the end of this year, or by the beginning of next year.

Download Windows 8

As evident from the probable release date, Windows 8 is not yet out for use. It is not available even for downloading. However, because of the leakage of the features of this OS, many users have already started searching for it online. To keep them engaged for the nonce only Windows 8 themes and transformation packs are available. These will give you the look and feel of a Windows 8 OS but definitely no functional advantage.

Windows 8 Beta

Microsoft has been reported to be preparing for a fresh beta program called Windows 8 beta. It is being said that Microsoft will finish up with Milestone 3 and start working on a beta prototype and publicize a release candidate prior to its official launch in 2012 or 2013.
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