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Show Nick Name in Posts Instead of Profile Name


nicknameIf you have a lengthy name like mine :p then may be you would like to use a nick name instead when you publish new posts. This name will appear normally like your profile name under your post titles and visitors can see who the author is. By default in all BlogSpot blogs the name of the author display is one with which appears in all his blogs. But sometimes you may want a different name
to be displayed if you own an associated blog. I have also come up with a code that will display different author names on label pages. I will share it soon.

Live Demo

How To Replace Author Name with a NICKNAME?

The steps are really simple,
  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Backup your template
  3. Click the "Expand Widgets Template"
  4. Search for this,
     5. Replace it with your nickname. That's it!

How To Replace Author Name With an Image in Blogger?

You can also add an image instead of a text using the code below,
<img src="ADD IMAGE LINK HERE" border="0" />
For a good quality image kindly keep your nickname image dimensions to be 150px by 20px. You can also add your signature to it in the form of a gif image.
Hope you liked this new interesting trick that can add more colors to your blog.


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  1. very informative articular, Thanks for sharing this

  2. very informative articular, Thanks for sharing this