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No Edit HTML Option In New Blogger Dashboard 2011?


imageThe beta version of is redesigned with a more modern Dashboard. Google Blogger developers always test and check new functions and features in the beta mode of blogger i.e Blogger in Draft before releasing them permanently to The Dashboard indeed looks new and has some brand new features added to them but this new change was
somehow not warmly welcomed by Blogger users.Blogger is a free blog hosting software that allows its users to edit and customize their templates. The users have full options to design their custom templates, add backgrounds, colors and their preferred fonts to their blogs. Unfortunately with this latest release of beta Dashboard the most important Feature i.e EDIT HTML OPTION LINK is not present. You can only edit and style the CSS of Blogger Designed Templates but you can not edit CSS and HTML of your custom Templates using the new dashboard.

Blogger New Dashboard


You can find an interesting trick of accessing the Edit HTML Page here -> Access Edit HTML
Well the fact is that the integration of new features and removal of old features in the Blogger Laboratory i.e Blogger in Draft does not mean that these changes will surely be added to the main Blogger Dashboard. Google Team enjoys playing with new stuff but they do highly value what their users want and I am sure the Blogger Team will never make such a mistake. If in case they did then there will be no difference left between Wordpress blogs and Blogger Blogs. Free Wordpress also doesn't allow its users to upload their custom style sheets or edit the HTML.  Blogger team said that they made this change after receiving a positive feedback from media. I really don't know what media they are talking about!
The Bloggerindraft team said,
After doing a sneak preview at the South by Southwest conference back in March, we received some great feedback from the media:
Today, we're thrilled to announce the public launch of our redesign! But please wait a second before you go check out your Blogger dashboard, because we’re planning a gradual rollout that will start with a limited set of users who visit our new feature testing ground, Blogger in Draft. At the start, only some of you (lucky draws!) can see the new design on Blogger in Draft. Over the course of the next few days and weeks we’ll be ramping up to support all Draft users. There is no sign-up or activation process required from your side; just wait, and you’ll notice your dashboard has changed to the new design when you log in to Blogger in Draft.

There is however still a Backup/Upload Link in the Template section of your dashboard where you can Download your template, edit it and upload it back. Though we can still edit the template but this method will waste precious time,
So its highly advised to Blogger active users to kindly use the Tested version of Blogger and not the Beta version. You can still design and edit your layouts with complete rights to edit the CSS, HTML. You can still add JavaScript and cool jQuery tricks to your blog and of course you can continue playing around codes as you always loved to do. I am as curious as you in finding updates related to this new question. I will keep you updated with all latest developments. Till then keep blogging and keep using our only beloved blogging platform, The Google Blogger! :>


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